Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things

Well it has been awhile since I have updated. My excuse is that I left my camera at my sisters forever ago. I only got it back right before Christmas.

Just a quick update Our Christmas went really smooth although it was a little different than what were use to.

1. I did all my shopping online which means no waiting in lines. That is a great thing. I got everything I needed delivered to my door you cant beat that.

2. My mother just moved to California. Not having Christmas dinner at her house was very weird. what is even worse is that it was at my house that makes me feel very old. We missed her lots.

3. Derek's parents are serving a mission in Pennsylvania so we were not able to go see them and do are fun events that we do every year. They were missed greatly. It has been a great blessing to us that they have chose to serve a mission. It has taught are children so much about missionaries and the great things they do and the many blessings it can bring into someone life. We love you and have been so blessed by your great example.

Other then all those changes are Christmas was great. I have to say it is nice to be over. We are now just getting back into the swing of things. Haley is back in school and loving it. She is doing great. we just love her tons. she is a joy in are life. Mckenzie just started dance and just loves it. we still need to work on how to skip ( that's funny to watch) but hopefully she'll get it. She is such a joy and always keeps us laughing. We love her great spirit. Drayten is my little terror into everything throwing everything and even more funny harassing the girls. He already gets locked out of there room when there playing (how rude.) He is my little man and we love him tons.

As for Derek and I we are just living life working and being mom. People say these are that best years of are lives. We just try to enjoy every minute that we can.
Here are some pictures that I thought you might enjoy.

Are cute kids for Christmas

I thought that was a beautiful picture of Mckenzie

Mckenzie and her best friend inseparable

Drayten taking a ride on the Vacuum He loves it.

Sorry its side ways I forgot to flip it. It the girls and there new favorite thing to do.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Stilsons Halloween

The girls as cheerleaders at the Church Chilli Cookoff
Drayten at the church with cousin Xavier.

Another tradition in are family is to go the pumpkin patch my girls just love it.
This is Mckenzie and her ariel doll. She felt it was important that she have a pumpkin as well.

Is that not just the cutiest Picture Ever.

She is just Perfect.
This is are yearly tradition running now for 3 years. We get together with the neighbors and carve pumpkins. Mckenzie and her best friend Maya had to have the same pumpkin. Every time Marisa or I would suggest something different they would look at each other and say is Mckenzie having that or is maya having that. Well the final product ended in the same face. Notice the top 2 faces are the same.Now for Haley and Reece. We lost the safe knife while carving pumpkins and lets just say I thought for sure we were going to the emergency room. They had to do it them selfs. I have to say they turned out pretty good.

Best of friends

I will post more later for some reason it won't let me upload more pictures.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trip to Disneyland and Seaworld

This is the Stilsons blog. We will start this blog by telling you about our Family. We have Derek,(Dad) April(Mom) Haley who is 6 , Mckenzie (3 almost 4) Drayten (1). We have a fun little Family and children who bring joy to are lives everyday.

Lets start this blog by showing you some pictures from are latest family vacation to Disneyland. Are girls loved Ariel she was there favorite. They also saw sleeping beauty and Mckenzie was in Heaven. We spent 2 days in Disneyland and Derek was thrilled he claimes its just a bunch of cardboard pop ups we rode every ride Haley even did space mountain. I was proud of her. We also went to sea World for 1 day and the last day did lots of swimming. The girls at Sea World were able to hold the starfish and feed the mana rays that was there favorite part of Sea World.

Drayten for a 1 year old did pretty well in at the park he really enjoyed all the rides. Although I have to say he was a nightmare on the way home. He screamed all the way home on the plane I thought people were going to kill us. Oh well what do you do. Thats all for now we do have some Halloween partys coming up. I will be sure to post pictures and updates.